mofollow finds you similar twitter users

Mofollow analyzes your Twitter social graph, finding similarities among the users you are currently following. The best way to find twitter followers is to follow them first! Begin building relationships with those most similar to you.

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how do i get twitter followers?

The number one way to get more Twitter followers the legit way is to tweet semi-frequently about topics that other users may be interested in. You need to engage users by asking questions and posting content they want to read. You can use mofollow to help you find similar users to follow in hopes that they see your similarities and follow you back. If you start keeping tabs on people and engaging them, they're more likely to follow you back!

mofollow recommends relevant users

Example of a Similar User

Mofollow recommends 100 similar twitter accounts to you based on your current friend's connections. The image above is an example of what a returned result looks like. You can rearrange your results based on a number of criteria, including: most matches, most influential, most friends, and most followers.

grow your professional twitter network

This tool is provided free of charge; aiding you in growing your personal or professional network based on who your current friend's have in common. It's a great way to eavesdrop on mentions and conversations that you may have previously been missing out on. If you're avid about staying on top of news within your profession, mofollow can help! You're guaranteed to find new interesting people to follow!

mofollow runs in real time.

Mofollow will retrieve your results in real time. It performs a number of requests and calculations upon authentication, returning results as soon as they become available. We personally suggest browsing in a separate tab until completion.. The process can take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes but it's well worth the wait!

Mofollow requires write access permissions to your Twitter account solely for the purpose of allowing you to automatically add new friends at the click of a button. We will never tweet on your behalf. You may promote mofollow entirely at your own discretion.